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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Some basic knowledge of Laptop computer power Maintenance

Laptop is so important in our life, so it is very necessary to master some basic maintenance knowledge.

Here, I'd like to introduce some basic knowledge of notebook computer power maintenance, hoping to help you.:Z

Step 1: first of all, please check the patch board connecting the Laptop power cord to see if there is poor contact. In general, if the use of good quality or well-known excellent brand of patch boards, there should be no problem of poor contact, if it is really poor contact, just patiently plug or directly replace the patch board can be, if not, you can first remove this fault, check other.

Step 2: secondly, check whether the power cord of the Laptop power adapter is tightly connected with the adapter. If not completely inserted, may also cause poor contact problems, resulting in the computer can not normally connect to the power supply, at this time, just plug in the power cord and adapter.

Step 3: check whether the power cord of the adapter is damaged. Laptop computers are often carried, and the incorrect take-up method used in the power cord carrying may cause damage to the power cord. If it is the cause of the damage of the power cord, just replace a power cord, the price is about 10 yuan.

Step 4: finally, check whether the adapter is damaged. Whether the adapter is damaged can be judged by listening to whether there is noise or smelling whether there is burnt odor. If the adapter is damaged, just replace it. Note that the original adapter is recommended for replacement. Of course, you can also use a universal adapter, but you should pay attention to whether the voltage values match.

If the above methods have been tried and the cause of failure is still not found, then you can directly send it to the repair shop to find professionals for inspection and repair. If your laptop is still within the warranty period of the manufacturer, it will be easier

You can directly go to the manufacturer's after-sales maintenance department for maintenance, which is convenient and reassuring

How to Avoid Laptop Battery Swelling

Laptop battery swelling may be caused by the battery being used in an overheated environment or the battery is too old. The laptop battery uses lithium batteries. What causes the laptop battery to be swollen and how to fix swollen laptop battery?

Laptop Battery Swollen Reason

  1. Generally speaking, a small amount of gas is generated inside the battery during charging and discharging of the commonly used lithium ion polymer battery, which is generally absorbed during discharge, so it is normal for the laptop battery slight swelling.

  2. If the appearance of the battery is obviously bulging, it is likely that there is a problem with the battery itself. For example, the voltage and current are too large, and the battery will be overheated and deformed.

  3. There is no protective plate inside the laptop battery, the distribution of positive and negative is error.

  4. Other reasons may cause problems with the battery, such as the battery impurities inside, or electrolyte leakage.

  5. The battery has been used for along time, and the swelling battery should be discarded, and continued use it will cause safety risks. Once it is determined that the battery is swollen and malfunctioning, you must stop using it and seek a replacement battery.

How to Avoid Laptop Battery Swelling?

  1. After the battery is fully charged,please unplug the power adapter and re plug it after draining battery.

  2. This is especially important when using the device for the first time. when you get a new battery, please insert adapter before the battery is completely discharged. Wait for the device to turn off before you start charging the battery.

  3. If you want to leave the laptop idle for a long time, please remember to remove the battery and store it separately.

  4. It is forbidden to use the laptop on any fabric surface, this will make the battery fan not work properly and cause the battery to overheat quickly.

  5. Try to keep the battery cool. If you want to work on the laptop for several hours, for example, it is best to lift the back of it with a book to allow better air circulation.

  6. Please use a best charger. If you don't have the original charger for the battery, please get a charger with exactly the same output power as the original charger. Just choose the charging plug is suitable does not mean it is suitable for your laptop battery configuration.

  7. The laptop C D cover is opened for no reason. At this time, you should pay attention. Usually in the case of battery expansion and in this case, it is usually impossible to close the back cover.

  8. Store the battery in a cool and dry place. Always keep it away from flammable materials and high temperature conditions.

How to Fix Laptop Adapter Making Beeping Sound

It is normal for the computer adapter to make electrical noise. Because the power adapter will emit a sound with a fixed frequency when switching the power supply, because the rated power of the inductance coils of different frequencies is different, the sound of the induced current is also different.

There may be many reasons why the laptop charger making beeping noise and cannot charge the laptop correctly. Here are some possible reasons and solutions.

1. The Cord of the AC Adapter is Loose

The laptop needs to be charged with DC power, so the AC adapter will convert the AC voltage to DC voltage, but if the AC power cord is loose for some reason and the AC adapter cannot supply power normally, it will beep.

Check whether the power jack of the adapter is correctly inserted into the laptop plug. The correct jack should be easy to plug into the laptop. Make sure that the AC power cord is properly connected and the AC adapter is working properly.

2. Check the Appearance of the Charger

Check the power cord for signs of burns, frayed wiring, and severe kinks. Any of these symptoms indicate that the adapter cord is malfunctioning and the cord needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

3. Is the Charger Overheating?

If it is, the normal working environment will not generate too much heat. Please remove the items that affect the heat dissipation of the charger and make sure that the laptop charger is working at a suitable temperature.

4. Is the wall socket supplying power normally?

Another reason that may be a faulty power outlet. Therefore, your AC adapter cannot supply power normally and will beep.

Please make sure your AC adapter is properly connected to the socket, or try to replace the socket.

5. Laptop Adapter Short Circuit

The main reason for the beeping sound of the laptop charger is a short circuit in the DC circuit. The solution is checking the short circuit with a multi meter, and then solder it correctly, and make sure that DC "+" and DC "– " do not touch each other.

The adapter may cause a short circuit because it provides too much power. Check the voltage output of the adapter with a voltmeter and compare the reading with the value listed on the adapter. Small fluctuations above or below the listed value are normal, but if the reading changes too much, it indicates that the power cord is faulty and needs to be replaced.

If using another replacement adapter does not any noise, you need to replace the laptop charger. If laptop charger making noise and not charging even with other adapters, and the computer need to check and repair.

6. Replace the Adapter that Beeps and Does not Working

In most cases, Dell can provide a replacement power supply compatible with your laptop model. A laptop power supply failure should normally be covered by the Dell's warranty, unless the power supply is damaged by water or abuse. If Dell no longer has the replacement adapter or is not covered by the warranty, you can purchase a universal power adapter from most laptop repair stores. This will save you more cost than buying the laptop adapter from the brand website.

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